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A Law Firm Partnering With Executors In Estate And Probate Matters

If you’ve been named as the executor of another person’s estate, it means that you are trusted and responsible enough to be worthy of this important job. But it doesn’t mean you know how to fulfill your duties.

Don’t worry – most people in your position face the same challenge. The easiest solution is to work with an experienced estate law attorney who can guide you through the process.

Matthew Carucci, Esq., helps executors throughout Delaware as they fulfil their probate and estate administration responsibilities. Some basic information is provided on this page. After reading, feel free to contact Matt to discuss how he can assist you.

What Is Probate? And Is It Always Necessary?

Probate is the legal process of “proving” a will. More specifically, it is a legal proceeding in which the court validates a will and monitors the process of distributing the estate in accordance with the terms of the will.

In Delaware, probate is necessary in most cases, unless the estate’s original owner (the decedent) took specific steps to deal with the assets in a different way (such as putting them into a living trust). The length of time needed for probate varies depending on the size and complexity of the estate, but it typically takes a year to complete.

Because the process is both lengthy and complicated, most non-attorneys struggle to manage it on their own.

When you work with Matt’s firm, he will guide you through the process step by step, and, when necessary, attend court dates and handle other matters on your behalf so that you can focus on other things.

Administering The Estate With The Help Of An Attorney

Even if you set probate aside, estate administration is a big job. It involves gathering and cataloging all assets listed in the will, tracking down heirs, distributing assets to intended heirs, paying estate debts, filing a final tax return for the estate and more.

You are no doubt up to the task, but you could benefit from the knowledge and advice of a skilled estate attorney.

Matthew Carucci, Esq. has considerable experience in estate law and can help you administer the estate more quickly and efficiently than you otherwise might. Working with an attorney also means avoiding errors, which can be costly and time-consuming to fix.

Speak To An Estate Administration And Probate Attorney Today

Matthew Carucci, Esq., serves clients throughout Delaware.

To take advantage of a free initial consultation, send him a message online or call 302-500-6920, extension 104.